Set alight your imagination... IGNITED Arts & Design

The majority of my work involves pyrographed curiosities, including but not limited to games of antiquity, signage, and other useful decorative trappings. One may also find medieval reenactment/LARP/CosPlay items, hand-forged products straight from my anvil, leather goods, or any other little oddity I decided to try my hand at.

Creating useful and interesting things with my hands, inspired by the ideas that spring from my mind, or creations that are my interpretation of existing artifacts, can be both a challenging and rewarding experience. Always there are influences and inspiration from the things I see and experience as I travel through this world; from living examples to archival offerings. IGNITED Arts & Design is my outlet for handcrafted items ranging from decorative to functional to just plain fun - some with a nod towards the art and culture of early medieval Europe (or another aspect of our history), others with an imaginative fantastic flair; but always with a sense of the energy which first inspired me to create them.

"Set alight your imagination..."

Since starting this business from the sale of a Hnefatafl board I created several years ago (under the store name FIREheART Designs), I have found inspiration from a great many aspects of life - from the past, the future, and the fantastic. I may never in my life create all the things that have come to my mind - but I am surely going to try!

My shop's name, IGNITED, refers to what I experienced when I began this journey. I was always imaginative and creative, but given an outlet and a goal for all these ideas I have, I set alight my imagination. It is kindled by the world around us, and constantly fed with new ideas; it burns brightly, and it's warmth is always welcome.

It is my hope that I may share that creativity, that brightness and warmth, with those who seek fine handcrafted items of a unique nature - be they made of wood, of metal, leather, even plastic, or a combination thereof.

Please browse my store and check back regularly as more unique handcrafted goods are produced and made available on a regular basis. Thanks for stopping by!
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